Guide for Choosing the Right Translation Agency for Corporate Firms

Guide for Choosing the Right Translation Agency for Corporate Firms

Corporate firms regularly need a translator or translation agency. Finding a business partner that offers reliable and quality services in this ever-expanding translation industry can be difficult for corporate firms, especially those with international working networks.

Translation offices vary according to the number of languages being translated, the variety of services offered, expertise, quality and translator capacities. In this case, it may be more difficult to choose to get the appropriate, high quality and accurate translation service for your needs.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that the corporate structure of the office you choose and your transparent communication will determine the quality of the service you will receive. This is because the translation service includes not only the text to be translated but also fast and effective replies for all the questions and problems during the process. For this reason, in this article we will include the main issues that need to be considered when choosing a translation agency for corporate firms.

Experience and references

Having a long history in the sector is a reassuring criterion. But that does not mean that there will not be younger offices that will be able to produce more appropriate and effective solutions to your demands. As much as the experience year is concerned, you need to learn about how wide their network is. Also, having information about the customers they have worked with before, and getting information from them if possible, can make your choice easier.

Global network and translators

It is important that the translation agency you choose has multi-national translators who live in different countries. By this means, you can be offered a translation services done by native speakers or by people living in countries where the target or source language is spoken natively. This is a great advantage!

Being able to do business with customers in a global network and in different countries gives considerable clues in terms of capacity and quality of work to be produced.

Expertise Areas

Of course, we cannot imagine that a person will do translation in a language in the most accurate way just because they speak the language as a mother tongue. The translators need to be equipped according to their interests and expertise areas, and must have a good command of the language and the technical context of the industry.

It’s important to have translators specializing in different areas as in different languages. You need to pay careful attention to the areas of expertise. Do not forget to ask about the knowledge and experience of the translator.

Is a reliable translator sufficient?

It is a great advantage to be offered the best translator in the sector, but even the best ones can make mistakes! Instead of looking only at translator-focused; it is necessary to make sure that the office will perform a detailed and thorough check before delivering the work. It is important that the texts and format are delivered to you in accordance with the original.

Confidentiality agreement

Be sure to ask if they have a contract with the translators. The confidentiality agreement is as important as the quality of the translation. This contract protects both you and the office. Submitting a contract that guarantees that all documents and content you provide will not be used outside of the translation service will ensure that you are comfortable when submitting your text to the office.

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