Consecutive and Simultaneous Translation

As Semantos team with more than 1000 translators and editors from around the world, we offer consecutive and simultaneous translation services for our global clients. Under the roof of Semantos, we provide the equipment that is essential to provide quality sound input and output for our customers, and work with experienced and field-qualified translators. With the understanding of 100% customer satisfaction and global service, we attach importance to the completion of each project in a perfect way.

What is simultaneous translation?

Simultaneous translation refers to translation that the translator does their job without interrupting the actual speaker. Audience listens to the translation that requires technical equipment by headphones. It is very important to work with competent interpreters for simultaneous translation, which is usually done during comprehensive and international conferences. For intensive focus, simultaneous translation may require more than one translator, depending on the duration of the meeting and speaking.

For simultaneous translation needs, firstly the language groups to be translated, and then the number of required translators are determined. The information of the audience size of the event, the venue where the activity will take place and the topic of the talk is taken as reference. By doing so, the field that interpreters are competent in and the equipment that is needed are decided. Before the event, transcripts of the texts or their contents are submitted to translator for being translated and transmitted without error.

What is consecutive translation?

Consecutive translation is the type of translation that the translator serves by interrupting following a speech or text. The translator notes the speaker’s remarks or keeps them in their mind and translates them to the target language at regular intervals. Depending on the translator’s experience and knowledge, consecutive translation is delivered without distracting the listener. In this type of translation, the translator does not need technical equipment and is positioned next to the speaker.

The quality of consecutive and simultaneous translation

The information you deliver before the event is very important for the quality of the service. Last-minute changes may lead to significant problems event if small, as simultaneous service will be concurrent. To prevent such problems, well-constructed communication affects the event flow and the quality of translation. Precisely for this reason, Semantos, with their professional and experienced team, works to manage the process from the beginning to the end. They support your events to be seamless in all languages over the world.

Why to choose Semantos for consecutive and simultaneous translation?

Thanks to a network of translators who live in different countries around the world, they offer the best service wherever your event or meeting takes place. Semantos, which integrates with the world considering their translator network, provides proactive solutions against unexpected situations maintaining transparent communication. They work with the translators and the editors who work by signing a confidentiality agreement, and are available 24/7. It guarantees 100% customer satisfaction by providing quick return to customers’ questions throughout the project.