Subtitle Translation

We, as Semantos provide both creative and accurate subtitle translations with our experienced and well-educated interpreter network offering service in 50 different languages. Our company provides seamless and reliable service since the inception, along with our partner translators and editors who specialize in subtitle translation, which requires localization knowledge and skill.

Subtitle translators need to do creative work as well as to have technical information. The meaning of many expressions in the spoken language can be lost in word-to-word translation. High quality subtitle translation provides the audience the actual meaning rather than plain translation.

For this reason, it is of utmost importance that those to translate your subtitles have a brilliant command of daily conversation in both source language and target language, and also have technical knowledge to complete the work by providing synchronicity. Besides these, it is important to give emotions such as sadness, joy, and excitement in the original text.

Subtitle translation, which must be followed when the video is streaming, must be easy to read. As the Semantos team, we offer highly readable subtitle translation, not just the accurate translation. For this purpose, the most appropriate ones are determined among a wide selection of fonts, text colors and suitable effect options.

From readability to synchronization, Semantos completes the project of subtitle translation in the best possible way and delivers it in the format you request. With more than 1000 translators and editors all over the world, our company provides support for your works to be known by your global audience.

How does the process for subtitle translation work?

First, the video is watched for subtitle translation, and transcription is read and compared if available. If not available, transcription service is provided. Then, we choose the most appropriate translator among the international interpreters network specialized in different fields and the translation process starts.

Each document that is translated are embedded in the video and tested. The subtitle translation is presented to you as the text is provided in both dialogue format and synchronized codes. In accordance with the confidentiality principles, your documents that are exclusively shared with the translators are protected by Semantos.

Why to choose Semantos for subtitle translation?

As Semantos we collaborate with experienced and expert translators from around the world. This ensures that you will work with translators having a good command of everyday spoken language and local expressions. Our company takes avoiding unexpected situations as priority with an understanding of transparent communication. Thus, we provide the instant communication with customers during the project.