Certified (Sworn) and Notarized Translations

As Semantos team, thanks to our global network that is consisted of more than 1000 translators and editors, we give service of certified (sworn) and notarized translations for its customers. To meet the legal necessity within the notarized translation service, expert certified translators carry out all kind of documents’ translation in every formats according to the subject of the text or context. Translations are certified at contractual notaries to have notarization when demanded, and they then are delivered in the way you prefer.

Certified and notarized translation services require statutory liability and it is very important to complete the process accurately. The accuracy of context and the title of the document are approved with notarization process. In this way, a formal document in a foreign language is processed in different languages to earn validity.

A certified or sworn translator who takes off its certificate of oath from notary, states under a solemn declaration that he will be careful in his translations and always will give the real truth only and will be objective. Certified translation service is being provided by those experts in both ways; written and verbal.

Semantos translation office, with its expert translator and editor staff from all over the world, provides both certified and notarized translation services in 50 different languages to export firms, corporate companies, doctors and lawyers, and everyone who needs legal document translation.

When you are in need of urgent certified translations we offer quick 24/7 service when it is needed thanks to our translator network. Once the translation is done a second translator or editor is always controlling it again. With this way all the accuracy of each text Semantos transmits to its customers are guaranteed.

What translations need notarization?

International contract texts
Court documents
Certified copy of id card
Marriage License
Divorce Papers
Testament, land registers
Academic degree documents, certificates, diplomas
Child adoption documents
Certificate of naturalization
Immigrant identification card

How is the notarization priced exactly?

The notarization fees of your needed translations, except from the translation service fee; the price is being calculated according to the qualification of approved documents, its content and page count. The notary is claiming the sum of money during confirmation process. Semantos can only give an approximate amount of fee information about notarial attestation.

Are notarized documents valid in abroad?

Even though it depends on the institution’s perceptions, if you want to use your documents on abroad in legal institutions you need to get an apostille whenever you want freely from the district governorship the notary is connected.

Why Semantos for your Certified and Notarized Translation needs?

Semantos thanks to its translator network from all over the world gives the best service in 50 different languages. We support our transparent communication perception with the confidentiality agreement that is signed by translators and editors. With this way we provide a complete trustworthy service in world standards to our global customers. We make difference by giving quick feedbacks to our customers throughout the project.

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